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21st Home Build

Help Us Raise Funds for Our 22nd Home!


Join Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity as we come together to take action against poverty housing. By partnering with us, you are creating a lasting impact in our community. We can come together to provide a safe and affordable home for a deserving family. Together, we can make a difference.


1709 Route 539, Whiting

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live

  • It is more than just building a home; it is building a better future and a strong foundation for a family in our community.
  • Through sponsorships and fundraising, we will come together to raise funds and construct a home for a family in need.
  • By supporting our 22nd home build, you are engaging your employees and building your brand and awareness as you give back to your community.

“Getting this home changed my life tremendously. I no longer have the stress and worry about where my children and I will live.”

- Katiria Rodriguez, 2018 Habitat Homeowner

Every home is a building block

Home is the key to building strength, for everything. When homeownership is affordable, children have improved academic performances in school. Parents are more confident about finances. Families are healthier. Neighborhoods are stronger.


Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity, along with your support, will create a strong foundation for a hardworking family by making homeownership possible.



Additional Questions

Please contact Kristine Novakowski at or by phone at 732-818-9500.

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