Disaster Recovery – NOHFH Helps to Rebuild Greenbriar 1

On October 29, 2012, Super Storm Sandy ravaged the Jersey Shore leaving thousands of people homeless.  Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity was “called” to join forces with hundreds of disaster response organizations, non-profits, businesses, civic service organizations, and municipalities to form the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG) to combat this 500-year storm.  We quickly learned that “collaboration” and “staying in your lane” were the anecdotes for a successful disaster recovery. We all had our own expertise that we could bring to the table allowing us to maximize our response to our community and to our homeless neighbors.

Greenbriar Disaster Recovery

Six years later on August 11, 2018, Brick, New Jersey had eight inches of rainfall in two hours.  For a quaint, quiet little retirement village off of Exit 91 on the GSP, this rainfall proved to be a recipe for disaster.  Greenbriar 1 had never flooded before and many residents were standing in four feet of water. Rescue boats scurried to assist with the evacuation bringing over 100 people to safety in the Club House where the American Red Cross awaited with warm blankets, food, and cots.  Family and friends were called and soon everyone had a place to go while the water subsided and the challenge of the rebuild lurked in the clouds.

Greenbriar 1 Brick NJ

A Break in the Clouds

It seems that the silver lining that comes out of a disaster is the power of people helping people.  Communities are transformed as volunteers travel from miles away to help their displaced neighbors. New organizations rise out of the rubble creating a roadmap to disaster recovery while providing necessary resources.  It is truly the heart of humanity that perseveres!

The Greenbriar Disaster Recovery Effort

Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity (NOHFH) continues to be committed to a collaborative approach to recovery.  As part of COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster), NOHFH has maintained its role of being a “marathoner”.  As a construction non-profit, Northern Ocean Habitat has recognized the need for experienced case management, therefore, we have partnered with Compass82 (originally OCLTRG).  This enables all COAD members to maximize their impact by “staying in their lanes” while identifying “unmet needs”. With a collaborative “team approach” more homeowners reach recovery in a shorter time period.  

Currently, Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity is working at 3 Kingsley Court in Greenbriar.

The scope of work is as follows:

  1. Mold test for presence                                                                                       $450
  2. Mold Remediation                                                                                                $3,364
  3. Mold clearance test                                                                                             $450
  4. Remove and replace Federal Pacific electric panel                                      $1,200
  5. Replace porch electric baseboard heaters and outlets                                $850
  6. Repair porch Jalousie door mechanism                                                           $25
  7. Paint porch walls and ceiling                                                                              $65
  8. Install vinyl laminate on porch floor                                                                  $550
  9. Replace all porch window blinds                                                                       $475
  10. Trim garage drywall and replace, tape & spackle                                           $50
  11. Replace garage outside wall insulation to 18 “                                                $75
  12. Replace garage outside wall paneling                                                              $210
  13. Cleanup and miscellaneous

This is just one residence. Volunteers and donations are still needed to restore Greenbriar.