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Do you love helping people?  Passionate about your community?


Are you looking to make a difference?  Do you want a career where you get to work with great people, knowing that what you do makes a positive impact in your community?  


Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, disability, national origin or sexual orientation in its hiring of employees or in any of the programs or activities which it operates.


To apply for the fulltime Construction Foreman position, please send your resume to Bob Conway constructiondirector@nohfh.com

Construction Foreman

A Construction Foreman (CF) will provide leadership and supervision to volunteers, subcontractors, staff and homeowners on Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity construction sites. The CF reports directly to the Construction Director and works in conjunction with other staff as needed. He/she will ensure that home repair, rehabilitation, and new construction projects are completed in a timely and cost effective manner. Additionally, the CF works ‘hands-on’ alongside our construction volunteers and ensures that on-site safety management, materials procurement, and other duties associated with the construction project are carried out. The CF is expected to lead projects independently under the guidance of the Construction Director and adhere to HFHI Competent Person Guidelines. Our Foreman serves as a representative of NOHFH at all times.


Position Specific Details:

  • The Construction Foreman typically works 8:00AM-4:00PM Tuesday-Saturday with flexibility based on program needs. You will sometimes need to come in early or stay late. The volunteer work day is 9:00 AM–3:30PM with a half hour lunch break. Volunteers are requested to bring lunch and not leave the site during the work day. The CF is not permitted to leave the site unless a certified Competent Person is on site during their absence.
  • Organize and supervise the work force in performing construction activities including, but not limited to window/door installation, weatherproofing, siding, drywall, painting, flooring, basic plumbing, basic electrical and landscaping. The CF directly supervises volunteer groups on site in coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Bi-weekly timesheets will be provided to the Construction Director on the Tuesday of the pay week.
  • Ensure the safety of workers according to HFHI Competent Person guidelines. Each site must have a fully stocked First-Aid kit, a binder with the standard Northern Ocean Habitat’s construction forms and information, and a sign-in sheet that includes emergency contact information. Complete accident forms if necessary, and contact the Construction Director, and/or the Executive Director immediately if an accident or event occurs. Gloves, safety glasses, masks and other items needed for volunteers shall be in clearly marked bins or other containers and set in clear view of all volunteers.
  • Maintain a clean and organized worksite which reflects Northern Ocean Habitat as a professional contractor. Site clean-up will be completed at the end of each workday, with volunteers assisting when possible. All trash shall be in a dumpster or removed from the site. The CF shall view each site from the perspective of being a good neighbor to all nearby residents; this includes keeping noise to a minimum, being conscious of parked vehicles, and ensuring dumpsters and johns are emptied as needed
  • All necessary tools and equipment are provided by NOHFH. The CF is expected to maintain tools and equipment in safe working condition. Clearly mark all tools/equipment as NOHFH property. Tools shall not be borrowed or loaned. Work trucks are to be kept clean and organized with the help of the volunteers.
  • The site should be prepped and ready for work when volunteers arrive at 9:00 a.m.
  • The CF is required to attend and actively participate in weekly construction meetings. On occasion, CF may be asked to attend Monthly Home Services Committee meetings.
  • Actively pursue training opportunities with an emphasis on safety and health. Attend training courses whenever practicable with the approval of the appropriate Directors.
  • Seek expertise from colleagues and professionals when necessary. Communicate effectively with staff, and volunteers, using email. Upload and share photos of completed work on Google Drive.
  • Act as a teacher, an organizer, and encourage volunteers to perform the needed tasks. This includes describing the nature of the work to be performed and the tools and materials available. Identify and encourage skilled volunteers who work regularly to lead other volunteers.
  • Support and maintain a positive atmosphere at the job site, with an emphasis on respecting the homeowner and his/her property. This is a general job description and may change at any time.

Preferred Skills and Experience:
A minimum of 5 years experience in construction is desirable and a valid NJ driver’s license is required. The applicant must have a familiarity and experience with skills typically necessary for construction, such as the use of hand and power tools, the performance of typical home repairs and maintenance, coordinating delivery of materials, preparing a site for work, and ensuring on-site safety. Applicants must pass a background check.


Prior experience working with volunteers is preferred but not required, and the applicant must assess the capabilities of others and teach basic construction techniques to unskilled families and volunteers. The applicant must have a willingness to allow others to perform the tasks while acting as a mentor and must also be sensitive to the homeowners’ needs and limitations.


Check with your school if they have a partnership with us for experiential learning or internship opportunities. Internships directly through Northern Ocean Habitat will be listed on the website when available.