Builder Bob’s Fall 2020 Update

When Northern Ocean Habitat reopened in July, we were optimistic our construction programs would return to some level of normalcy. Here it is October, and the challenges the COVID crisis presented have not changed much in our world. I’m hoping you and yours are staying safe and healthy. Building our next new home, number 20, has been put on hold until the spring, so I’ll share updates as they become available. Repairs are, of course, addressing immediate urgent needs due to our limited capacity. Our staff had to make their own decision as to whether they’re comfortable entering the homes of applicants or not. Often, challenged homeowners need help completing their applications and obtaining necessary documents from the IRS, which has been nearly impossible until recently. The requested repairs must then be assessed again by staff. Fortunately, all have been there as needed. Our volunteers, the backbone of Habitat also must decide to what extent they want to be involved, considering they have no reason to risk their own health. We’ve hired some outside contractors to help keep repairs moving ahead. Needed materials are also slow coming and sometimes not available at all. The challenges COVID has presented to Habitat are multifaceted. We’re adapting to the “new normal” and keeping the mission going! None of what we do is possible without funding. Donations are always appreciated, and no donation is too small. Information is available at Donations of household items and proceeds from their sale at the Restore also help keep NOHFH running.

Please see our Facebook page and shop the Restore! Stay tuned!