Builder Bob’s November Blog



A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from Donna Marie in Whiting. She explained that she needed a walker to get around and would likely be in a wheelchair soon. In addition, Donna hasn’t been able to get out of her mobile home for eighteen months because she can’t get down the steps with her walker. Fortunately, I was able to get her application for a ramp expedited, my goal is to have her stepping out of her home, on her own, by Christmas. In the four years I’ve been on board, I’ve had similar requests for help from homeowners in need. With all of Northern Ocean Habitat behind me, I can help! Besides working in construction, I’ve worked as a meat cutter, truck driver, worked in a steel mill as well as in restaurants. I moved around and could never figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. The course of events that led me to Habitat is a great story for another time. 

Finding My Purpose

At 64, I can say I have a job I enjoy and look forward to every day. What’s better than being ​that ‘Habitat guy’ ​ who can help people in need? It’s easy to get caught up in our mission, “Everyone deserves a decent place to live.” You become susceptible to a condition called Habititus. Some symptoms include: Going home feeling good about what you have accomplished each day, working long hours without caring, talking about work with anyone who will listen, continually seeking donations to enable Northern Ocean to keep doing what we do, and donating personal time as a volunteer. The diagnosis is in! I’ve got it, and there’s no known cure at this time. 

Join In the Fun

If you think you’re immune, why not join Habitat as a volunteer just to be sure? Meanwhile, my construction department remains busy with needed repairs, and plans are in the works to build a new home for a deserving family this Spring. NOHFH is seeking donations of materials and labor to make this possible. Please email ​  for more information. Stay tuned for updates…