Builder Bob’s Winter Blog

We recently met Janine, a homeowner and stroke victim living in Whiting. With one partially paralyzed leg, she needed her bathtub converted to a shower with a seat inside. I explained the conversion process; however, Janine was apprehensive, though her son convinced her she needed this done. I assured her we wouldn’t leave until she felt completely comfortable and said I would install as many grab bars as necessary to accommodate her. Our foreman installed the bars in the exact locations she requested.

Not Quite Right

The next day Janine called requesting the bars be moved, still nervous about getting in and out of the shower. Our foreman moved the bars to the areas she wanted. However, a few days later, we received another call from Janine still not comfortable with the bars. This time, I went out with the foreman and also brought our administrative assistant to help calm Janine as she was upset. The foreman and I offered many alternatives, but none were acceptable.

A New Perspective

The admin had been listening to our conversation with Janine and stuck her head in to have a look. Thirty seconds later she said, “Why don’t you just turn the seat?” Problem solved. We construction guys felt pretty dumb and had a good laugh at ourselves.