Laniece’s journey started when she applied for our Homeownership Program in 2022. She and her sons were staying in hotels and shelters before finding a rental home in Barnegat, which they could only stay in for two years. After not being selected that round, she knew her blessing would come when the time was right. She was going to continue trying to give her and her sons a better life. When the next round of the Homeownership Program opened up in 2023, she was one of the first applicants.


“I kept promising my sons we would find our forever home. We kept having to start over every few months and it was really hard for my sons. Staying in one place is a big deal for us,” Laniece said.


Laniece’s perseverance paid off when she was selected as our 23rd partner family in 2023. Berkeley Township donated the lot in Manitou Park, where Laniece’s home is being built in 2024.


“After 5 long years, I finally felt a sense of relief for my family and me. The timing was perfect for us, and I knew I wasn’t going to have to bring myself and my sons back to the shelter. We prefer to be in Manitou Park and it gives my kids a more accessible space. My son’s father’s family lives in Manitou Park, so they can be close to them. It’s such a huge deal for my kids to have a community.”



We’re about to turn over a new page, building security, stability, and community. Habitat makes us feel so welcome. After my tough journey, this is like a breath of fresh air. I don’t have to be on high alert and worry anymore. It’s wonderful knowing what I’ve always wanted is in reach and it’s about to start.