Thank you Robin Hood!

The Robin Hood Foundation awards Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity a grant for the sole purpose of making critical repairs to homes damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The grant is intended to cover the cost of building materials, basic fixtures and appliances, and some contract labor. The grant will help at least 15 homeowners, using Robin Hood Funds, and further Northern Ocean Habitat’s goal of repairing between 20 and 25 homes in Ocean County in 2013.
Mission Statement: We find, fund and partner with programs that have proven they are an effective remedy to poverty and are a consistent force for good in the lives of New Yorkers in need. We employ a rigorous system of metrics and third-party evaluation to ensure grantee accountability. The board pays all administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of donations goes directly to helping New Yorkers in need build better lives. We work closely with our grantees to make them more effective, enabling them to assist even more people.