Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Joanne, Lifetime Volunteer!

With 866 volunteer hours invested in Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity, Joanne Van Seggren has been shining her light at the ReStore for seven years. Twice a week, you can find her at the register or marking down merchandise on the showroom floor. If you stop in on a Thursday, you’ll catch her mentoring four-year-old young lady, volunteer-in-training, Charlie. 

Before volunteering at the ReStore, Joanne was a world traveler. Owning several travel agencies sent her cruising Europe or flying off to countries such as New Zealand. Ireland is Joanne’s favorite place to visit. She holds dual citizenship as her father was born there.

Joanne is married with four grown children and nine grandchildren whom she takes turns visiting during holidays. She is active in her church and loves long walks on the boardwalk.