Thank you Wells Fargo!

Mission Statement: Wells Fargo area Vice President, Nicole Burrell-Birt, spoke about their
partnership with NOHFH saying that Wells Fargo will be there to partner with NOHFH for the
long run. The Wells Fargo vision: “We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and
help them succeed financially. Our vision has nothing to do with transactions, pushing products
or getting bigger for the sake of bigness. It’s about building lifelong relationships one customer
at a time.”
Wells Fargo awarded NOHFH a grant for repairing at least six homes damaged by Superstorm
Sandy. Recently the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation awarded NOHFH a second grant known
as its Team Member Volunteer Program (TMVP) grant. The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation
awards TMVP grants which are made possible through the volunteer support provided by Wells
Fargo team members working alongside NOHFH. The grant will specifically fund a portion of
two NOHFH projects: (1) new construction of an energy efficient home for a family of seven set
to begin shortly in Berkeley Township, where the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation joins a group
of partners that includes the Ocean County Vocational Technical School and (2) one A Brush
With Kindness project for a disabled veteran in Toms River Township. Wells Fargo volunteers
will assist in exterior repairs to this senior widower’s home.
As a leader in community development, Wells Fargo offers a free, web-based financial
education program. The Hands on Banking®program, and its Spanish-language counterpart,
El futuro en tus manos®, offer financial information, tools, and skills in an easy-to-understand,
entertaining format. Please visit the website at
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