Northern Ocean Habitat Joins in World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day

More than 30 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly took an important step in promoting the idea that everyone deserves a decent place to live by declaring that the first Monday in October would be World Habitat Day.

On Monday, October 7, 2019, Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity joins with our partners around the world to rededicate ourselves to recognizing the basic right to adequate shelter.

We believe every one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future.

We believe a decent place to live can remove barriers to opportunity, health, and success that might have been part of a family’s life for years, and in many cases for generations.

Today, nearly 19 million households in the U.S. are paying half or more of their income for housing. That means 1 in 6 families are denied the personal and economic stability that safe, decent and affordable housing provides. Instead, 1 in 6 families are forced to make impossible choices.

That’s why Habitat for Humanity launched the Cost of Home campaign. Over the next five years, we’ve committed to mobilizing individuals across the country to find the solutions and help create policies at the local, state and federal levels that will improve home affordability for 10 million people.

But we need your help.

Your voice has influence. By sharing your support on the need for home affordability to policymakers at all levels of government, you are helping us make the cost of a home something we all can afford.

Click here to learn how you can make a difference through Habitat’s Cost of Home advocacy campaign.

Every voice counts.

Thank you for your support!